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A cheery post about my son!

            Twelve years ago, on a grey August evening, hubby called up from Pune to inform me that he had bought a puppy.  The fretting and fuming that ensued is not really worth mentioning here. But, all of that changed the moment my eyes fell on this cute little furry package  that hubby had brought along with him! I fell in LOVE. Period. Of course,the apprehensions  that followed this emotion were a-plenty.
     "This little guy will now make a mess of my beautifully maintained house!" I rued. And, as if reading my thoughts, the moment Chikoo stepped into our house, he peed on the door mat! In typical doggy-style, he made the house  his home by marking his territory!  For me, it was a sign of things to come.
    Torn bedsheets, chewed furniture and footwear, uprooted plants, scratched arms (mine), you name it. But, he was a family member now. A package deal!

     In the first few months, we heard not a sound from the guy. Not even a faint woof! I wondered if we were  to enjoy 'it' as a movie from the silent era! One day, though,  hubby played a prank on him and Chikoo barked. He actually barked! I heard it right up to our 3rd floor apartment. Wow!
    "Ah, the little fellow can talk!" I heaved a sigh of relief.

     Chikoo was one inquisitive little pup. His daily routine included  investigating every nook and cranny to see if he could learn something new and interesting about his new world. Little things caught his fancy. The tiny idols of Ganpati Bappa and Shri Krishna, the Shivling, the flowers my MIL offered to the gods in her temple - these were like his play-mates. He would approach the temple when no one was watching, pick an idol of his choice, take it for a grand tour of our house and then drop it off in some cozy corner, or under some furniture. Most often, when the said idol was found to be missing from its rightful place, I would find it relaxing happily under the bed or the wall unit! These deities sure must have enjoyed a change of atmosphere!

      He also was a keen observer of his surroundings and his people and their idiosyncrasies. Once, I had to rush downstairs to look at the veggies the veggie-vendor had in his cart. I opened the door and was about to descend the staircase in a hurry, when little Chikoo barked at me to stop. I turned around wondering what had happened, and what do I see? He ran to the balcony, picked up one of my sandals that I had placed there  to dry, brought it to where I stood and set it down at my feet!
    "Aren't you supposed to wear this when you step outdoors, woman?!" He asked with those very talkative eyes.
   "Awwwww.....!" went my heart. I grabbed him and kissed him, much to his amusement!

       This loveable old saint of today was a real brat when he was younger - a bundle of energy. And, all of that energy he would vent out only when I took him for his walk. With his dad, he walked like a gentleman! My mother often teased me when she asked who walked whom! Young dogs can be tough to control. And, Chikoo was no less. He just had to spot another dog, or the markings of another dog across the road and he would drag me all the way to that place. What a sight we must have been! Gosh! People often asked (very sarcastically) if I needed any help in holding his leash if I was finding it difficult to manage.
    Several times I found myself  on the ground on all fours, with the leash in my hand and my rambunctious dog dragging me along in unbridled  excitement! Can you imagine the level of embarrassment I endured? All because of this little imp! Uff! I must have lost my temper a hundred times thanks to all of his antics, but don't all mothers go through it? I giggle when I think about those times - lovely times, with my lovely son!
     Nope! Pulling -hair- out- of-frustration times, with my little devil!


      On the other hand, he was also very caring and protective about me. Once, when we were returning from our morning walk, I spotted a mentally deranged man on the other side of the road throwing stones in our direction and  shouting obscenities. Chikoo saw him, too. He quickly grabbed the leash in his mouth and pulled me hurriedly all the way home, stopping every few steps  only to turn around and see if we were being followed! My heart thudded in my chest! Had it not been for Chikoo, I would have freaked out!
   And now, he is a bit too protective. Last year, when I was taking Yoga lessons at home, exercising  in those strange positions, Chikoo would keep looking at me, alarmed at why I was standing awkwardly and not sitting down comfortably! My Yoga teacher found it rather amusing, nay, adorable, actually! She would gush at his caring attitude towards his mamma!
   " baby!" 

    There are countless stories of Chikoo -about  his naughty streak that drove me mad, his loving nature that melted my heart, his intelligence  that made me proud of him. I guess, I will do a post on each of his attributes. Writing about it all in one post won't do him justice!

    I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, as against the last post that made many an eye well up. It's just that I have come to depend on my baby  so much; watching him suffer in his old age gets unbearable at times. Most of the times.






  1. Cutie. Their takes are unending. 😃

    1. Yes, Rachna. There is a tale for every occasion! :-)

  2. Awww... Chikoo is adorable and your family's love for him is clear. Thank you for my morning feel-good!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading about it, Carol! :)

  3. Really Shilpa, you took me along with you on Chikoo's growing and wonder years! Such a cute pup he was, these re the memories that you must hold close and cherish. Thanks for sharing them with us!

    1. Yes, Kala, these are the memories that will stay with me for an eternity!

  4. Absolutely, completely loved this post, Shilpa. Bringing up a pet is no less enjoyable and exhausting than bringing up a human baby; the mischief of the toddler-hood, their innocent emotions, everything. I'm so glad Chickoo has such a caring mother in you. Likewise, it's heartwarming to see how much of love he brings in your life.

    1. Thank you, Uma! Yes, he sure had brought a lot of love in my life! :)

  5. My eyes did well up. I have never been around pets. Papa was never open to have one at home and now I live in such a small place with both of us from 9 to 7 that I feel a dog would be lonely. Sometimes, I feel I should have one at home.
    I know it must be so much pain to see him suffer.

    1. It sure is fun having a pet at home, but it is not funny for them to stay home alone, Parul.
      Yes, it pains to see him suffer, but he is way stronger than I and makes less of his suffering. <3

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Aw.. this is such a dear post. I quite like your Chickoo. You could do a weekly column on his antics.

    1. Tulika, that's the idea I have been toying with - to write a weekly column on Chikoo. Let's hope I am able to do it. :)

    2. Do it do it - like Marley and Me.

  7. Too good Shilpa.Chikoo is adorable and the love you share beyond words.Wishing Chikoo Good health

  8. Dogs are truly endearing. I haven't had a dog for thirty years now but still remember their warm wet kisses and smelly damp fur. Thanks for sharing these lively memories of your gorgeous baby.... He looks really handsome even in his old age

    1. I, too, love their wet kisses and their smelly fur!
      Thank you for visiting! :)


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