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I think I think too much!

Day 6 of the 7 day blogging challenge at Write Tribe..

    I am sure you all will agree with this one: WE THINK TOO MUCH!.
Be it about our problems, our relationships, our lives, our kids' lives, even other people's lives, we just think way too much! We overdo it, you know, this thinking business, as if we have no other business to take care of!

    This rule  has been spoken about a lot; maybe it ought to. The thinking epidemic is only spreading, and driving us crazy!

   Stop thinking too much. It's alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it. 

    We use just 10% of our brain constructively. The rest of it we use to think about useless, rotten stuff. We think very poorly about ourselves, our achievements and our lives, and everything else in between. If we happen to be sailing on rough seas, then we busy our mind wondering where the hell we went wrong in taking certain decisions that landed us in such a mess. Rarely do we put our mind to good use, like encouraging it to find solutions or boosting our morale so we can put in our best to change our circumstances.

   We drive ourselves crazy, bite our nails till our fingers bleed, and ruin our entire system. We curse ourselves, and  ask our Creator  a thousand questions, which begin with,"Why me?"  We forget about all the things that worked out for us, that went right; all the moments that brought a smile to our faces and happiness into our lives.

  And, not only do we think too much about the big, scary stuff, but also  about insignificant, minuscule things! Silly things like, why didn't someone take our call, or reply to our message in spite of having read it, or come to visit us, or even, what would people think if we ...I don't even feel like writing about it all because I find it so ridiculous. I am embarrassed, for I, too, have been guilty of doing it - thinking too much.  Don't we have better things to do, than go on these nerve-racking 'thinking trips', only to return empty-handed, or with a wild headache?

   And, have you observed something? The more we think, the more we get sucked into this whirlpool of negativity. We only think about the worst case scenarios, always about the dark clouds looming at the horizon, but,  never about the silver lining, never about the rainbow that could bring some succour during trying times. We worsen the situation to such an extent, it saps us of all the energy we could put to better use!

   Living in the present - in the moment - when in a tough situation, could actually help us think clearly, instead of thinking about the past (which brought us to this juncture) or the future (which might only get worse! Oh God!). Concentrating on the problem at hand instead of imagining something horrid will actually help us get out of the problem quicker, won't it? And, asking God, "Why me? Why this? Why that? Why can't anything go right in my life?" isn't going to get us any answers. Well, frankly, God has no time to answer our hundred lousy queries. He has better stuff to do!

   Let's live our life one day at a time. Let's be happy with what we have and fight to resolve issues that bother us. Every life has such issues, not just ours. Let us get that 'thinking bug' out of our system and use our brain  to its optimum.  The answers that we look for, will come to us when they have to, in their own time.  In fact, I think those epiphanies we get, are the answers we look for, but which we don't get when we need them! Like the epiphany I got when I was wondering which aspect of my life I need to work upon! Here I am today, working on 7 different areas in my life that needed some working on.

   Over-thinking isn't going to help us in any way, so, I think we ought to take off our thinking caps! We have used those way too much. Let's  find something better to don on that head of ours, shall we?  ;)


  1. Seriously, Shilpa, we do think too much. And, worry unnecessarily about our shortcomings and misfortunes rather than focusing on the good. For me, it comes in phases. I try to be positive but at times despair due to the situation around. Good post!

    1. Hey, thanks, Uma!
      I so agree. We need to focus..FOCUS..FOCUS...FOCUS! We may regain some of our senses! :)

  2. People have always asked us to think, and here you are asking us to take off our thinking caps! True, sometimes too much of it brings more harm than good. To stop over thinking is easier said than done. Thanks for sharing the thoughts Shilpa. :)

    1. Yes, Darshana, let us take off that thinking cap! It might do a world of good for us!
      I am glad you like these thoughts, Darshana! :)

  3. Well-said. It would be good to de-clutter our mind to set our spirit free,,,

    1. Oh yes, de-clutter the mind and keep it on the right track and not let it go astray, right, Sunaina? :)

  4. Hmm, I so need to follow this, Shilpa. In fact I think I need vacations every month! Over-thinking does tend to complicate our life. The blog's new look is coming along great I see!

    1. Yes, Kala, it complicates our life big time!
      Thanks for the suggestions and ideas, Kala! :)

  5. Very good read Shilpa! :) Many days have gone by thinking without doing much! This is yet again a reminder to "Let it go!"

    1. Yes, Jayanthy. All the time we waste in thinking, could be used constructively to better our lives, and ourselves, won't it?
      I am glad that you enjoyed reading it! ;)


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