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Wordy Wednesday.

     Chapter 3 here

    Chapter 4.

                 Sister Anita would always say," Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations and small needs,"  And, each time she said that, Serena wondered if the Sister was trying paint a sordid picture of 'life'.  She had followed  the Sister words from the time she had learnt how life could leave her bewildered with her weird ways. She hadn't expected a lot out of life, aimed low and accepted all that came her way. But,  here, at the workshop, with a hundred people gathered with great expectations in their hearts, she wondered again if she should follow the Sister's maxim, or her slightly high aspirations.

             The doctor had invited a few people onto the stage for a regression session. There was murmuring amongst the crowd, and a perplexed look on the faces of the people on the stage. Would they be able to concentrate;  meditate with all this disturbance around? Serena could feel a similar doubt creeping up her spine. What if nothing came out of it?

           The regression session was underway. The man on the table had gone under in a matter of a few minutes. Serena looked on with bated breath and  gazed at the man, who had gone limp now. She had chosen to sit in the front row so as to get a clearer look at the goings-on. She had wanted to get on the stage when the doctor invited people from the audience, but she had stopped herself from being in such a hurry. She first wanted to see what the others experienced and then she would put herself up there.

         The man had jerked all of a sudden and begun mumbling something. He was into his past life; the life of a poor farm hand, who used to get tortured at his master's hands. Serena had almost stopped breathing now. It was unbelievable! He had really stepped into his past! The scene he narrated seemed so real! His body  twisted and his face now contorted in such pain, there were tears in his eyes! Someone was thrashing him mercilessly. He screamed in agony as the beating continued.  The doctor now asked him why  he was being beaten up. 

         The man spoke in a broken voice. He had been accused of stealing a sack of grains from the warehouse. Finding out about the theft had angered the farm-owner so much, he had ordered the man to be whacked till he learnt his lesson. It had been his neighbour who had stolen the sack, but no one had paid heed to his cries. He had paid for his neighbour's misdeeds with a thrashing so cruel, he had ended up with broken bones and a handicap for life.  No wonder he had experienced an excruciating pain in his back since his childhood in his present life for reasons unknown. Until now. 

          Serena was lost in her thoughts. Was it a fact, all that the man was 'seeing'? Was he really beaten up, or was it just a figment of his imagination that he was recounting? And, if it was the truth, would she, too, have scenes of her past flash by her eyes and help her find answers? As the man's regression progressed, Serena became more and more certain that if the doctor now called for some more volunteers, she would be the first to walk up to the stage. 

        True, she had small needs, and moderate expectations from her life, but, she had developed really high aspirations since she had stepped into this place that seemed to be exuding an energy so powerfully positive, it had changed the way she had been thinking all along!

The above post has been written for Wordy Wednesday.
This week's prompt: Sentence prompt: Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations, and small needs.


  1. I would love to read a sequel to your original story. :)

  2. I would love to hear Serena 's past life.

    1. :) Kalpana, I, too, would like to know her past life!

  3. Shilpa babe....I read all the parts are a marvellous story-teller! Very gripping story-line, vivid narration! What more does one want from a fictional piece? Keep it are really good at this.

    1. Ooh, wow! Thanks so much, Kala! This is my first attempt at such a lengthy fiction piece. I am going about it slowly and steadily, and hope to hold the reader's attention...let's hope it stays this way till the end. :)


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