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Getting home a pet. Part 2

                It has been quite some time now, since people in our country have become fascinated about pets. We see varied breeds of dogs and cats, in fact, a varied types of pets. And, most of these are the 'imported ones', who thrive in the cooler climes. Really, do you think that the Indian climate will ever suit a Husky or a Saint Bernard, or a Persian cat, with all that thick fur? And, having such breeds at their homes is what seems to have become a prestige issue!  "Which  breed is that ?" is the first question that pops out when they see someone with a pet.
       Hubby finds it infuriating when people do that. He just snaps back,"My pet has a loving soul within it, and that is what matters to me the most. Have I asked you what caste you belong to?" I cringe when discussions on pets come to this point. Why the importance on breeds, more so, foreign breeds? Our Chikoo is a Labrador, albeit not a thoroughbred. In fact, he resembles the Indian Pariah dog, but for his dangling ears and a very Lab-ish tail.  But, hubby desperately needed a 'someone' to fill up the vacuum in our world. And, so he just went and got home this little guy! In fact, when he went to choose a puppy at the breeder's, he picked out Chikoo. The breeder pointed out that the puppy was the most sickly puppy in the litter, with skin infections and what not, and  if it did not survive, he wouldn't take the blame! We took it up as a challenge and did our best in getting him in the pink of his health.
        Getting home a  pet belonging to a  'royal' breed is a personal matter. But, taking care of that animal, making it a valued member of the family is of utmost importance. When we got Chikoo home, he was a little guy, just learning to make use of his teeth. He loved chewing anything that caught his fancy:  furniture, slippers, my dresses, the bathroom mugs, bedsheets, you name it, he chewed on it. We did get chew sticks for him to divert his attention. At times, we succeeded, at times, he did! So, we just decided  to display his 'artistic' wood carvings, and  postpone getting new furniture till he grew up. Kids love to bring out the hidden artists within them and display their works of art on your walls. Don't you showcase their works proudly? Or, do you get rid of them? I have heard of people returning the pups because they chewed on their costly furniture or behaved badly.
     I remember, Chikoo loved investigating every corner in the house. And, little things that caught his fancy would invariably be the idols of Gods in my temple. I would often find Ganpati Bappa, or Shiv ji resting peacefully under the bed or in some snug corner. Those memories still make me giggle. And, I am sure those Gods had a rollicking time, themselves! And, I am sure you would, too, if you look at your pets that way! Come on! They are babies! And, they won't know how they are expected to behave unless you teach them...slowly and steadily!
       Patience is the key.  I would suggest looking at your pets like your own kids, and you will know what I mean. And, enjoying every moment with your pet, right from his puppy-hood to his adulthood, will make it a memorable journey! Pets also teach us a lot. Especially, the lessons they give kids on responsibility and caring for others. My nephew, who has grown up with Chikoo, loves him dearly, cares for him more than anyone else and is like his little brother. He gets distressed when Chikoo whimpers on being examined by the vet. And, Chikoo gets disturbed when we so much as raise our voice at his little bro!  To put it succinctly, they watch each other's back!
    Yes, that is how beautiful a relationship can be between your little ones - the two-legged ones and the four-legged ones. But, again, patience and understanding is what will help you bring out the best in your pet. And, yourself.
    Foreign breed or Indian breed.  Tons of love and care showered on these furry kids gets you tons of love and care in return. The question is: are you really ready for it?



  1. Loved your post, Shilpa. So touching and wise. I loved hearing how you got Chikoo and how he needed lots of TLC as a puppy. You have done wonders with him. I have no use for all that snooty pedigree stuff and love my pets just the way they are, even if they don't have fancy papers.They are our fur kids and very special, right?

    1. Thank you, Cat! We did our best ...after all he is the apple of our eyes! :-) And, yes, our fur kids are very special. Period.

  2. I don't think pedigree matters at all! And your doggie sounds adorable! And the pic is just precious! :)

    1. Thank you Pixie! Yes, our doggie is adorable, no doubt! :-)

  3. My son would love to read this.. he is been after me for a dog for sometime..

    1. Do let your son read it, Lata. It is one thing bringing home a pet and totally different thing to bring it up like a child..

  4. Thank God, Rishi can't read this yet. If not, he'd have been after me to get a dog! Not that I mind. But the Mrs. is allergic :(

  5. 😀 Let him grow up, maybe then he will read it and get one himself!

  6. Wonderful read. So true, that kids can learn a lot from having a pet..:-) Loved reading about your Chikoo:-) Hugs


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