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A love letter.

                     Dearly beloved, 


                               Another letter!  I know, it's the first thing you will say (and roll your eyes at) when you open the envelop. Call me outdated, old fashioned,  whatever you like. But, well, that's how I am! And, you are stuck with me for life, so you might as well get used to it, dude!  

                        So, what's up? You home from work? Did you have your chilled coffee? Good. Now, sit back and relax and read on. Ah! Okay, so I AM getting used to this place, with it's myriad sights and smells. And, as you said, the people are a bit too friendly. So, I have made a few friends! Finally! Yes. Surprising, coming from this introvert.  A bit of your attitude did rub off on me, and I am stepping out of my shell, slowly and steadily. So, now, I have a morning-walk partner, a work-ride partner, a library partner, and also a dinner partner. But, there is one partner I miss like crazy. My life partner!

                    I miss you. So much. Soooo much!!! Tell you something? It's midnight and the electricity here, which I told you plays truant, has done it again!  The torch breathed it's last an hour ago, and I had but one candle left (stop tch tch-ing. I will buy a packet tomorrow) which I am burning now to write this letter to you. I just couldn't sleep, J. I kept tossing and turning for so long! And, as I was counting those fluffy sheep, hoping they would lead me to slumberland, I remembered that night, at the railway station, where we met. That moment - it felt so much like this very moment, that I just had to write to you!

                Remember our walk, from the station to the guest house through the jungle? Yeah yeah, I know, it wasn't a jungle. But, we did see those fireflies! That's the reason I call it a jungle. And, you know what? Last night, as I was standing in the balcony, taking in some cool air, I SAW A FEW FIREFLIES!  I was ecstatic! How I wished you were here, holding my hand, laughing at me, as I went berserk jumping with joy at that heavenly sight! 

            I miss you, J. I miss you, when I step out in the rains and the wind blows away my umbrella; I miss you, when I look up to see a magnificent rainbow light up the dull grey sky; and, yes, when I have those succulent corn cobs by the sea side, all by myself.  I miss you, when the curtain of the clouds clears away and the sun peeps at the world. I miss you, when the moon comes out in the black velvety sky to kiss me good night. I miss you. I miss those moments, when we cracked those inane jokes that no one would laugh at. I miss you, sweetheart.  I miss you every single minute. 

            And, I miss you now, as I write this letter, like  those hundreds that I wrote in the past few months, but failed to post. Where would I possibly post these? You didn't give me your address, you bad guy! You bad, selfish fellow! Why did you have to choose a place like heaven to go to? Why didn't you find a place somewhere here, on earth?  Why, oh, why, J? 

           Will you come back? Just once? Just once, when I will hold you in my arms, and breathe a thousand breaths and live a hundred lives? Will you? Could you?

           That's all for now, baby. The candle has nearly burnt out. And, so have I.

           Miss you. A lot. Do you?

                                                                                                   Forever yours
*The above post has been written for Wordy Wednesday.
  This week's prompt: Picture Prompt.
  This week's prompt comes from writer, blogger and B-A-R member,  Parul Kashyap Thakur.


  1. Shilpa, I loved this letter.. it's a bit sad at the end. But I loved the way you have written it. Actually feels like you are talking to someone. Thats a great letter.

    1. Thank you, Ls! I have always loved writing letters, and I have always written them this way, as if I was talking to the person I was writing to. :)

  2. Hmm. Very conversational letter indeed, and a sad one. Though I must say, there's a bit of modern-ness in the old fashioned letter :D

    Loved the line, "The candle has nearly burnt out. And, so have I." :)

  3. Thank you, Vinay!
    That is how letters must be - conversational, isn't t? :) Well, you are conversing with the person at the other end! :))


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