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                 A few years ago,  when Facebook was the flavour of the season, everyone around me used to be excited about being seen and heard on it. Chatting on FB was more in fashion than chatting in person. And, I would get asked if I was 'there' yet. I would sheepishly nod my head and say that I was not at all  computer savvy, and therefore not in any such  'book'. The common reaction used to be shock and surprise, tinged with ridicule.
   "You are not on Facebook, YET?! Come on! What is so difficult to comprehend?" they would snigger.  The jibes piled up high.
        Finally, I decided to hop onto the internet bandwagon and join the circus. With some help from my brother, I got on to Facebook. But, that is nothing great, one might feel. True. Technical lingo like upload, download, http, cut-copy-paste (the procedure), and most of the other things confused me so much! Some still do.

            Slowly and steadily, I began to  get the hang of it. Whenever I managed to do something new on my own, I would feel like Aristotle!  I would be on top of the world and brag about it to anybody I met. They would look at me with "Finally!" writ large on their faces.
           Creating a blog and writing, sharing, and registering with blogging sites has taught me quite a lot. But, that too was not without its share of hiccups. A task that needed a few minutes would take a few hours to get accomplished.   URL, blog post URL, html, and what-have-you, kept getting me in tangles. A blogger friend suggested I get rid of the CAPTCHA, so that people find it easy to comment on my posts. She didn't know about the panic button she had clicked in my brain! For, I knew what was meant by CAPTURE, but,  CAPTCHA??? Was that some sort of slang for capture? Yes yes, go laugh your heads off! What do you know about this poor soul's plight? :)
        Many a times, I was ready to give up in exasperation. Had it not been for my dear nephew, my brother and some kind hearted, patient friends, and their priceless assistance, I wouldn't be here, writing away to glory!

       While submitting my posts for a blogging challenge, I took the help of an IT professional friend of mine. Well, "took help" is putting  it very lightly. I think, I must have pushed him up the wall!  I just wouldn't follow some things that he would explain. I must have given all sorts of names to all the weird 'thingys' we see here on the screen. But, the young fellow is blessed with immense patience, as are the others.  I sure must have chewed his brains, for, he declared outright that in any other challenges I ever take part, he is NOT going to provide any IT assistance!

       I can very well understand why he said so. My brother said the same thing. Every time I stumbled, I would call him up, asking him to get me out of the mess. His reply would always be,"Madam, our consultancy firm will be pleased to help you, provided you make the payments for earlier assistance that we offered" !  A similar  reaction would come from the IT guy, as well!  Poor guys, must have been at their wits' end!

      Anyway, I am getting the hang of it. Finally. I have begun using the computer as a 'toy' in the hands of me, the master.  I very much believe in slow and steady winning the race. I may not win this race, but I will make it to the finishing line, for sure. By hook or by  crook!


NaBloPoMo November 2014


  1. You are too cute, you know that? :) Really enjoyed this tale of your wrestling with the monster that is Technology :D

  2. Hahaha...enjoyed this post! Not very different from my story. I am equally tech-challenged! But then I realized, if you have the urge, the need, you will learn these things, hook or by crook!

  3. Yes, Kala, so true. Where there is a will, there is a way! :)


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