Tuesday, 6 December 2016

To cook, or not to cook? Not to cook!

         Memories can be mystifying. You are busy doing your chores, sorting out stuff and suddenly,  out of nowhere, an old memory pops out like a Jack-in-the-box. It startles you with its suddenness and leaves you wondering, "Hey, where did that come from?"   The memory that comes knocking may not even be associated with your present scenario. But, it does leave you mesmerised by its vividness and the emotions attached to it.

     Last night, as I stood by the gas stove preparing dinner, an old incident flashed before my eyes, out of the blue. To be precise, it was an amusing incident that took place 15 years ago in my kitchen, during the days preceding my SIL's wedding ceremony. The house was full of guests - full of in-laws, mind you; a huge army that had descended upon us for the very first time since after I entered  my matrimonial home. So, the pressure on me to be at my best was tremendous.

   You know how the elderly women of the family watch the DIL and her  every movement and behaviour,  don't you? There's this attention to detail.  It makes you feel like you are some sort of bacterium being observed under a microscope! You mingle freely with one and all, and you get labelled as 'affable'; you laugh unabashedly at inane jokes cracked by the youngsters, you get labelled as 'jovial' , and these kind of good labels assure you that you are now a part of their family. That's all fine.  However, it's your performance in the kitchen  that is scrutinised and weighed carefully before you are conferred with the title of 'The Perfect Daughter-in-law'!
 It's a title every daughter-in-law secretly pines for -  she may never admit to it, but she surely does!

  So, there I was, impressing everyone with my good-girl conduct and receiving pats on my back for being so caring towards my ma-in-law and sis-in-law and all. I was literally sailing on my own little cloud! Ah, but, little did I know that as dinner time neared, and I made my way into the kitchen, I would be followed in there and my cooking skills evaluated before categorising me as good or satisfactory.
 Ahem, I did not mention, I am really not a great cook. And, back then, I was just passable. In fact, i disliked cooking, altogether! And, the family boasts of accomplished culinary experts. So, in short, I was  David,  facing an army  of Goliaths.

   So, there I stood in front of the stove, lost in thoughts, ready to cook lentils. Suddenly, I heard a voice over my shoulder, "The quantity of oil is perfect!"  The voice jolted me out of my thoughts and I turned around to look into the eyes of MIL's elder sister. I froze as I turned further  only  to see the smiling faces of MIL's two sisters-in-law! Each of the three women a fabulous cook in her own right. And, I - well, the less said the better.

  I turned to face the pan on the stove. All of a sudden I had begun to palpitate. My breathing had almost stopped and my hands had begun to tremble, albeit invisibly. Phew! I hadn't even realised they had entered the kitchen! Anyway, I added the cumin seeds and then the chopped onion and began to saute it, all the while wondering what the experts might say next, and praying for divine intervention! As I added the garam masala and the different spices, they hmm-ed and ah-ed..
"Ah, is that what you do?'
"Hmm, that's the perfect way of mixing it."
"Ohhh, you add the masala after the...!"
"Ah, it sure smells good! No?"

    They took turns in giving a running commentary of the action that was unfolding before their eyes; asking this or exclaiming that. At one point, when I had to grab the salt container from the other end of the platform, I turned around and found myself imprisoned in this cage they had created with their bodies. That was the moment I learnt what it is to feel claustrophobic. I gulped nervously, and requested them to move aside so I could get the salt. They moved aside to give way and as soon as I returned to stand in front of the stove, moved back to their original spots. I imagined a huge wrought iron gate opening to let me out for  some air, and instantly closing the moment I was back in, where I belonged!

  I can't remember how I  finished cooking without moving an inch out of my restricted area.  I fail to recollect how I disengaged myself from amid the cluster of the three seniors. I also find it difficult to recall their remarks about my cooking. I am hoping I faired well. I may have been a bad cook, but I was not that bad!

   Today, however, I have bettered my culinary skills. Mr. Bossy Pants can vouch for it - he being the self-proclaimed connoisseur!  But, the fact remains that I dislike cooking even today. I dislike stepping into that area called kitchen. I do love baking, though. Not that I am a proficient baker. I just bake cakes that are easy-to-make. But, the entire procedure and the aroma that wafts out from the oven as the cake gets baked, and the...umm! Oh, I digress.
    As I was saying, I could clean the entire house at one go! I could even happily spend an hour doing the dishes! But, cook?  Well, I do cook, provided I am in the mood! You see, I am an artist, and artists are moody souls!  That's the excuse I give whenever I am accused of being too lazy to cook! My kinda cooking is: enter the kitchen, do what you gotta do and exit within 15 minutes. And, stay away from any complicated, never-ending recipes.  It does help that Mr. BP is a fantastic cook himself.  A little bit of drama is all that's needed to get him come rushing into the kitchen and me out of it! ;P
 Ah, but, that's not an everyday story, mind you!

  See, the memory that popped out of nowhere last night gave me this blogpost today! It gave me a few moments of nostalgia and a feeling of joy. For, I may not be the favourite cook in the family, but, I am definitely the favourite daughter-in-law! I keep hearing it, often. Oh, come on, what's the harm in indulging in some boastfulness once in a while?! 😜

Do you enjoy cooking? I know, many of you do! But, I would be gladder if you said you didn't! Hehe!

With Love



Saturday, 3 December 2016

How 'bout a coffee break?

           It's the end of the week and here I am,  my coffee  mug in hand, all set to have our weekly tete-a-tete!

         So, how was your week? I hope it was  peaceful and pleasant, in spite of all the chaos that is going on out there in the world. My week was...umm...very productive, if I may say so. I prepared couple of  sketches for Mr. Bossy Pants (you all know who he is, don't you? For those who don't, well, he is my sweetheart! πŸ˜‰),  typed a post in the wee hours of Tuesday morning on lessons life taught me.   I also read some amazing posts by fellow bloggers: Roshan Radhakrishnan, Shailaja V.,  Nabanita Dhar, ,Rachna Parmar,   Darshana Suresh . Do visit them. They are  accomplished writers and I am positive their writing will leave a lasting impression on your heart and your mind!

       Mind..hmm..that reminds me, I have been wondering about this complex thing gifted by God.  I often wonder in awe at its creation and  everything that went into its making. Your entire life, your thoughts, memories and emotions and YOU,  stem from this one thing. It's our heart that keeps us alive, but, it's our mind that works on how we use our being alive!  It's what plays a major role in how we shape up as human beings, how we shape our lives!

     It's one thing which, if you lose control of, takes over the power and complete control over you. No wonder the wise keep teaching us to rule our mind with an iron hand and never let loose the reins, lest it drags us into an endless chasm of darkness and despair.

    It's been some weeks now since I have been getting the blues; it may be because of all the hormones playing hide-n-seek inside my system. It's all to do with age, I know. The 40s can sure be full of testing times!  Earlier, I would rant and mope, all day long and the next morning wake up with a cheery smile! Strange, no? But, this time, I have decided to take control of things and keep my mind under observation. I am a work in progress! 😜

    No sooner do I feel like I am 'losing it', I try and change my thought process. I visit Whatsapp, read some inane jokes that get circulated widely, have a hearty laugh and feel better instantly. There are good days, too, when I am in a buoyant mood and in total control of every thing.  But, the  days  when my sunny disposition goes into hibernation  are the days that are exhausting.  Those are the times when I need to work harder to control my mind. It is such a task doing that, you know? But, it's what we feed our mind that reflects in our actions, is what I have heard often, and what I am trying to work on.

   I came across some very helpful quotes on Facebook and found them inspiring and enlightening, Sharing them here with you. I know, we all need such reminders, such motivation, time and time again! It takes practise to get better at things. And, I have heard that to get habituated to a certain thing, one needs to practise doing it for 21 consecutive days. Phew! That's such a long time. But, try it we must, for practise makes perfect. And, we really need to perfect the art of keeping negativity at bay.

     So, I am going to try practising being positive as much as I can. Of course, negativity is but a natural feeling that makes us human, so it will definitely make an appearance every once in a while. But, to not allow it to get the better of me, I will need to work doubly hard, starting TODAY! I intend to write a post on how it helped me to stick to this resolution in about 21 days. I hope I do well and don't let myself  down.
Practicing mindfulness will definitely help! 
    That's all for this week. It was a relief sharing my thoughts with you. You are such a patient listener. And, I know how much I need such a listener. We all do, don't we?

Oh, I have to mention - I love these pretty emojis which I can now insert into my posts. How we have gotten used to these! What did we do when these hadn't come into being? Haan?

 Until next week...Take care, cos I care! πŸ’–

  Feel free to share your thoughts with me. I am a good listener (so says my bff!). Do share with me how you keep those nasty blues at bay. Also share how you abolish those frightful thoughts that threaten to steal your peace of mind.

   With Love




Tuesday, 29 November 2016

A few lessons I learnt from my dear zindagi.

  No, this post has nothing to do with the movie, 'Dear Zindagi', but something to do with our dear zindagi - our life. I read a post by my blogger friend, Shailaja,  and drew up a list of  lessons I  learnt along the way from my life, about life.

 Each one of us is on a journey that is far removed from the other's. So, naturally, the lessons we glean from our experiences are going to be different, too. Our life brings us face to face with some truths - most of them bitter - and helps us grow. Initially, we do grumble about these bitter facts as we do when swallowing bitter pills for our ailments, but, eventually we learn to live with and accept  these as part of life.

 Here are some of the  lessons I learnt over the years; lessons  I took time to digest, but have realised are the ones that will help me along the way.

*Learn to love yourself.

It's a fact we fail to realise that we are on this journey  by ourselves. Our families, our partners, our friends are our co-passengers, who will be with us, but not always.  So, learn to be independent - emotionally independent. It's tough, no doubt, especially so for sentimental souls (like yours truly!)  I have learnt this the hard way.
Each one has his own battles to fight. None will be your constant supporter. However much you yearn for someone to be by your side, at the end of the day it's a lonely journey. So, learn to enjoy your company. Like Kareena Kapoor, in the movie, 'Jab we met' - be your favourite!  You really won't need anybody by your side if you enjoy being by yourself.
Stifling as it can be, solitude is one bitter pill to swallow, but once you do that, you won't require any other medicine to help you feel better.

*Stand on your own feet. 
Strive to be financially independent. I quit my job years ago to look after my family, but over the years I realised that however much you toil for our family, your efforts will be blatantly disregarded. The job of a homemaker, as we know, is a thankless job. However, the moment you become financial independent, your importance  rises several notches. I am struggling to find means to support my self-respect, and I know I will find something soon, for sure. But, till then, my self-esteem won't let me rest in peace.
So, find your niche, work on your hobbies and try to find ways to  make those lucrative and then see for yourself the change in the world around you. I am doing it, and so can you!

*Make your health a priority.

We know not what the future holds for us, but we sure can take charge of our present, can't we? Get off that couch, stop making excuses and quit being lazy. Go for a walk/jog, enrol at a Yoga class or hit the gym, ditch the elevator, take the stairs. Pay attention to what you feed your stomach and your brain.  If you won't give your body the respect it deserves, your body won't bother caring about you!
Agreed that we know nothing about what could happen despite us taking good care of ourselves, but, we could at least try to save what we have!
Remember the proverb you learnt at school day in day out: "Health is wealth"?  Being fit changes your outlook towards life, improves the way you appear (to yourself and to the world) and improves your morale. So, take care of yourself. Please do.

*Gather the women in your life.

This one's for the women readers.  We women place our men on a pedestal and sacrifice a whole lot for their happiness, only to find them forsaking us over time. Accept it, girls. Our husbands, our boyfriends will never be at our beck and call like they used to in the initial days of our relationship. They will never understand our varied problems, never ever read our mind or hear us or follow our point of view (okay, some might!)  When age and its effects wreak havoc on our bodies, when our hormones turn us cranky, sentimental/emotional, the men will first find a way to get out of our way!
And, these are the times when only...only your women will be by your side, nodding their head in agreement to everything you say, lending you a shoulder to cry on and cursing the world along with you for all the injustice it has meted out to your lot.
The above words do sound contrasting to what I said earlier about being emotionally independent, but for those few  'low moments', it's only our women who will understand what we go through. So, get together for a group huddle and assure each other that you are there for them. Words women say to each other at such times make a huge difference, as opposed to what men say. Agree?

Umm...so there you go!
These are some of the lessons I learnt (there are many more, but writing about every one of those will  only lengthen my post no end!)  And, there are many more, which I will learn with time! We all do, for life is one never-ending tutorial, isn't it?

What have you learnt from your dear zindagi? Do share with me some of the enlightening information; maybe it will help me on my journey, someday! 
Hugs to you for making it this far! 

With Love,


Friday, 25 November 2016

The Gratitude Post.

 *Participating in the November Gratitude Circle Blog hop at Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles.

  This is my very first gratitude post on the blog. Not that I am not grateful for all that life has blessed me with. I am thankful for all that happened - the good and the not-so-good - especially the not-so-good. I wouldn't have turned out the way I did had it not been for 'those' moments.

  This Gratitude post is going to be a short one expressing gratitude to my Creator for creating me the way He did. I often rue the fact that I was made so sensitive and sentimental and not the rough, aggressive type that today's world requires one to be. I am  known to be the passive, submissive kind; I cringe when described thus. There are times and situations that call for me to be the aggressive type (which I can so not be, even if I tried!); situations when I, sadly, let myself down by being the exact opposite. But, on hindsight, I am so grateful that I am not the sort of person who would make others uncomfortable by their mere presence!

  Couple days ago, I came face to face with such a person who embodies the autocracy and aggression people shudder to face.  I had the misfortune of meeting this person, who, I wished, would help reduce the difficulty my Chikoo faces due to his ailment. To say she was arrogant, would be an understatement. She was loud, aggressive, dominating, condescending - in fact, all of that, that makes me so uneasy, it makes me want to run for cover!
  An hour at her clinic and I was ready to grab Chikoo and flee. Thankfully, hubby too agreed with my views of Lady Hitler and it was decided that we would be continuing with the homoeopathy treatment for Chikoo and just make life as comfortable for him as possible. And, that we would never  be visiting her clinic, ever again!

  How grateful I am that  I was not born so mean and cruel as to make people squirm nervously in my presence. How grateful I am that I was manufactured the way I was, at least I don't carry the guilt of having hurt people's sentiments with my harsh words and nasty behaviour. I may have hurt sentiments and I do feel guilty for the same - my apologies to all those I hurt unknowingly -  but I am hoping my words don't leave permanent scars on their hearts and that they are able to forgive and forget!

   Kindness and compassion is a quality we all need to develop in order to give happiness to people who come our way.  You never know the kind of impact your words and deeds can have on people. An overbearing attitude is not only going to leave people exhausted, it will also keep them away from us. What good will that do? We need people in our lives for the simple reason that we are  social beings. Harshness and autocracy will only leave us with none  by our side in time of need.  Don't you agree?

Have you ever come across someone you would rather stay away from thanks to their rudeness, their tyranny? How did you/do you deal with such people? Do share with me. It would be of tremendous help for me in the future!

With Love


If we were having coffee..

 Hello, there!

Here we are, at the end of the week, again! Time flies by so quickly...we met just seven days ago!

If we were having coffee..

 I  would enquire about your health. How have you been? Have you been taking good care of yourself? Do you exercise? Or, meditate, to keep stress at bay?
  I began walking religiously  a couple of weeks ago - a 30 minutes brisk walk after dinner. Now, I know how some studies suggest walking as an early morning exercise, as against after dinner. But, after dinner walking helps digest the food well; it helps you burn those nasty calories and helps in weight loss. Your body gets a good workout, which in turn may tire you and help you have a good night's sleep.
  I walk because that's the time I get to step out of the house and enjoy the cool fresh air after a long day cocooned within the four walls. My baby, Chikoo, is old and can't be left home alone. So, it's only after hubby returns home from work that I can step out. The fresh air and the peace of the outdoors at night comforts me. It gives me time to reflect upon the day that was and plan for the day that will soon arise in a matter of some hours.

Walking also allows me to pay attention to my breathing.  Breathing, as we all know, is the most powerful and important tool in helping us deal with the omnipresent stress. But, seldom do we give it the importance or attention it deserves. In fact, we almost forget to breathe during stressful and busy moments.
 Now, after two weeks, I have become addicted to my nightly walks and become much more conscious of my breathing. A day that ends with my walk is my idea of a perfect day!
I would suggest you try it out, if you haven't already. And, do let me know how it feels. You ought to squeeze in some time for yourself, too!

If we were having coffee....

I would tell you about the day I came out of the closet.
I mean, my stash of accumulated cash came out of the closet.
Our respected Prime Minister, who has begun a nationwide 'clean-up drive', had a big role to play in it. All the money that I had amassed over the past few months in my own little piggy-bank had to be handed over to Mr. Bossy Pants (hubby) to be exchanged into smaller denominations. Now, it's all gone into his pockets and I am left with none! Of course, it's for me to use, too, but, it felt better when it was in my pockets!

It may sound ridiculous, this practise of stashing cash, as if Mr. Bossy Pants doesn't give me a free hand at using the money he makes. He is large-hearted, that way. But, I, being a home maker and not earning a penny, need something I can call my own. The money was what I received as gift from my brothers on Rakshabandhan and Bhai-dooj. Money that I had planned on spending on things I desired without the need to give an account of it to Mr. BP!
  Countless women will nod their head in agreement; they, too, have had to face the very same ordeal of disclosing their stash to their respective Mr.Bossy Pants! . Tch tch..
Now,when I rue about it all, BP hands me his wallet and coaxes me to take what I want. That is sweet of him, no doubt. But, alas, he will never understand how a woman feels when she hasn't been earning for so many years. Putting the family first had been my decision when I quit my job as a teacher. But, it has left me with a low self-esteem, because despite doing so much for the family, well, at the end of the day "it's all about money, honey!" Isn't it?

Ah, well, this too shall pass. My strongest support to our PM, who has the bestest interests of our nation at heart...and all that - I won't dwell into that area too much. All I am thinking  about is when I will begin earning again! I am glad Mr. BP doesn't visit my blog often, for this post would have him wondering why his wife thinks so much! And, of course, he wouldn't  understand the reason behind my  low morale. Men seldom do.

  Hey, I have finished my coffee; have you finished yours? Lounge around for a while, if you wish. We could soak in  the cool breeze and enjoy some avian-orchestra, and some canine-orchestra, too!  Psst...Chikoo does not appreciate it when I talk to  a third person in his presence. He wants me to shower all my attention on him!

So,  I guess, it's goodbye for now. Chikoo needs me.
Take care, cos I care. It's funny how we have bonded over just two cups of coffee, is't it? We vibe well, I see.

How was your week? How did Mr. Modi's decision affect you? Do share with me. But, please keep it simple. I really don't follow the intricacies of politics and economics! 

With Love


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My first movie memory #TadkaTuesday.

Year: 1990

Theatre: Eros, Mumbai.    

Movie: Pretty Woman. 

   Aged seventeen then, with youth and its vigour  inundating me with dreams that sparkled like the countless twinkling stars in the night sky, I was raring to explore the world, learn about things I had only heard of. And, in the midst of it all, a movie like Pretty Woman gets released.  Like the proverbial cherry on the cake, if I can call it so!

  A movie that boasts of having at its helm the most charming, breathtakingly handsome, uber-sexy Richard Gere and the sizzling hot  fire cracker, Julia Roberts. I hadn't seen any "adult" movie until then, but heard a lot about those from friends. Well, what else do we discuss in college, if not films?! And, Pretty Woman being the latest release, it was the talk of the town, the hottest topic of discussion. So, of course, I was interested in watching it!

  I and my best friend, Priya, decided to go see it at Eros. It's one of the most famous cinema halls in Mumbai - a place we are extremely proud of. Although, now, I am not sure about its status; haven't been there in decades! Sigh.

 So, we decided to go watch it, after seeking permission from our respective parents, of course. You see, we belonged to the era when children "lived life" with prior permission from parents. "Lived life" as in had fun, socialised or partied. I would rather not blabber about the kind of socialising and partying we indulged in, lest we get ridiculed and mocked at!

  I begged my father to buy the tickets for us, for it was a place we had never been to, ever. And, dad, who was pretty chilled out by then and become a buddy, agreed to do it for us. We were thrilled, to say the least! Dad was also thrilled, for on the day he was to buy the tickets, he returned home with a sad, guilty look on his face. He feigned memory loss and apologised profusely for not having bought the tickets! But, the next moment, on seeing my droopy face, burst out laughing and showed me the tickets, teasing me no end! Dad! You are the best!

   Fast forward to the theatre,  there we were, two young girls waiting eagerly to get in and watch the first ever movie without our parents in tow! My heart beat had doubled up as I entered the hall, took my seat and waited with bated breath for the movie to begin. I remember our nervous giggles, our anxiety and our curiosity as we awaited  the entry of The Man, Mr. Gere. And, whoa! He sure didn't let us down!

  The story took us far away, to another land - a land where the handsome, charming and caring hero, sweeps the heroine off her feet in one swift move. Everything is all hunky dory, until the arrival of the bad guy. But, our hero - the  knight in shining armour - has aces up his sleeve as he knocks the villain out of the picture in quick seconds and saves his lady love, like a true gentleman! Ah! I am swooning just thinking about it all!

 I may have seen the movie many a time over the  years, but it failed to up my heartbeat the way it did the very first time! Oh, and I admit, it also gave me ideas about the kind of man I would want to meet in life! The magic of the movie and the actors was such, it still makes me go dreamy-eyed! The peppy title song still makes me want to dance to its tune and Julia Roberts' uproarious laughter and devil-may-care attitude does rub off of me, but I stop short of emulating her for fear of falling on my face with a loud thud! None could have carried off the role so perfectly as she did.

  And, Richard Gere, ah, they don't make men like him anymore, do they? His was the first movie I saw as a young adult, and again, it was another movie starring him (Shall we dance?) that I saw as a forty year old, and fell in love all over again! Fell in love with Richard Gere, I mean!  Psst...he figures on top of the 'Best looking men EVER' list, and chances of him being replaced by  anyone are rare.

  So, that's my very first movie memory -  I did watch many movies before that, but this one figures on top for reasons I raved about throughout this post!

 Which was the first ever movie you remember watching and for what reasons? Do share with me... I would love to hear all about it!

P. S. 
 In case you are thinking of talking about Richard Gere, then let me warn you, he belongs to ME! So, kindly keep your emotions in check, or else....! 
 Don't say you weren't warned!

Hahaha! Just kidding!
*wink wink*

 With Love


*This post has been written for #TadkaTuesday.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

If we were having coffee...


If we were having coffee...

I would talk about the weather.
It's November - time for winter to set in Mumbai.  Time for the days to get shorter, the nights, cooler, and the mornings, lazier! I have friends who find such days gloomy, depressing. They like the sun shining bright all day long. I, on the other hand, find a weird sense of comfort when the sun takes an early dip and the sky turns inky sooner.

 When the skies get splashed with darker hues and the stars come out earlier, I feel safer.  LIke how I felt as a little girl when dad returned home in the evenings after a long and hard day at work. I find a kind of  solace, like how we feel all warm and safe when we wrap ourselves with a warm blanket on a cold winter night.

If we were having coffee...

I would invite you  to have a peek at the little vegetable garden I have developed in one of my windows- my tiny green patch in the urban concrete jungle! The balcony being a favourite spot of some avian visitors, I couldn't risk planting my veggies there, so I chose this window which I have covered with bird-nets that keep my greens safe.
There aren't many, just a few: The all-spice plant, lemon, onion, mint, lemon-grass, curry-leaves, fenugreek and  ajwain (carom). I have sown tomato seeds, too.

Gardening is a hobby I cultivated over some long, empty hours that threatened to vitiate my peace of mind. It's an activity that requires endless measures of patience and understanding.  I knew what I was getting into, for I decided to sow some seeds instead of buying the saplings from the local nursery.  I wanted to do it from scratch.

I chose the pots, filled those with the best soil I could get and laced it with the best quality manure that would nourish my greens and give me a healthy bounty in return. Some seeds sprouted within days, but alas, the chilli seeds refuse to sprout! It's been almost a month since I sowed those seeds. I water them regularly, and it gets its daily dose of Vitamin D, but to no avail. But, I, too, refuse to give up on it. Maybe someday it will bless me for my patience.

Gardening, I realise, is a  life-lesson in disguise. You sow seeds, you do your best and reap the rewards, only if you are destined to. If, at times, things aren't meant to happen, well, they just won't! All you can to do is accept the change and change your course and begin moving through the new lane chosen for you! If my chilli seeds decide to stay put in there, I might take some expert's advice, ot just go ahead and plant something else.
Another thing I realised is, that you need to talk to your plants. Yes, they listen...they really do! I wish them a good morning the moment I wake up everyday. It's only after I have wished them does my day begin! Funny, eh? Try it.  If my chilli seeds sprout, I'll be having a tete-a-tete with them, too!  :P

If we were having coffee...

 I would rue about the size of the coffee-mug. I love my coffee - chilled and bittersweet. Just wish they made larger mugs. My favourite brew would have lasted much longer!

Ah, well, we can always have another coffee-break next week!
Until then....take care...coz, I care!

How do you like your coffee? And, what do you reflect upon as you sip your favourite brew? Do share with me..I would love to know!

With Love